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Our Commitment

In an industry surrounded by potential hazards, General Contractors must put an extra emphasis on the importance of building and maintaining a strong comprehensive safety program that is at the forefront of every worker and visitor who steps foot on any site.

Here, at DC Building Group, safety is ingrained in how we approach every single project, no matter the size.

Our comprehensive program was created in collaboration with OSHA and the Nevada Contractors Association because we understand the benefits that come from proper training. In addition to having highly-trained safety management personnel, we employ the services of a third-party safety consultant to conduct inspections and provide feedback to any potential hazards. To date, we’re proud our team has accumulated more than 20 Safe Site Awards and was recognized as the 2013-AGC Safest Contractor of the Year.

AGC/NCA Safe Site Award

“DC Building Group has done an exceptional job of maintaining safe work sites on a continuous basis, demonstrating a well-written safety program, required safety training, excellent job site inspection results, and management commitment to safety which represents the NCA motto of skill, responsibility and integrity.” – Nevada Contractors Association