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Construction Services

Since our founding in 2001, we’ve led hundreds of projects ranging from Fortune 500 companies to industrial warehouse facilities and your favorite go-to foodie stops. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable and driven – focused on saving you time and money.

If you have a project you want to discuss or if you’re ready to build, we’re your construction partner. We’ll bring together the best of the best to make your vision a reality.

  • General Contracting

We’re charged with leading the day-to-day oversight of the construction site, with safety as our number one priority. Our highly-skilled construction team manages all subcontractors and works seamlessly with all parties involved to effectively communicate throughout the project, ensuring every phase of the construction process stays on-time and on budget. Since 2001, our team has successfully led hundreds of construction projects, but don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have to say.

  • Design-Build

Our team thrives on being part of this start to finish project delivery system. Working collaboratively with everyone at the table fosters the best results for streamlining schedules, maximizing efficiencies and finding cost-savings.

  • Design-Assist / Build

We love being brought in at the early stages of a project to offer our expertise in helping to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and develop accurate project schedules. This process helps resolve any constructability issues that may not have been considered, address those issues before construction starts and help to set the project up for success from the very start.

  • Construction Management At-Risk (CMAR)

Developing a strong partnership of trust and competency makes this construction method beneficial to all parties. A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) helps to accelerate the project schedule, reduce costs and enhance transparency. Over the years, we’ve worked with several CMAR users to successfully deliver quality projects.

  • Value Engineering

This multi-step process is an integral part of the design stage for a new development. There is an enormous benefit for developers in applying this to the construction process to consider alternative design solutions to optimize the cost/value ratio. We’re here to provide our expertise and bring added value to each development.

  • Budgeting | Cost Estimating

Our experienced team of professional estimators are wizards in visualizing projects and planning for items and unforeseen influences clients might overlook. They work diligently, paying attention to those tiny details to ensure a project fits within the scope and can raise awareness around any outliers that could affect costs or project timelines.

  • Preconstruction Services

Providing owners with a specific approach for developing cost, scope and schedule is the key to project success. Every project is unique, and our construction team has the experience to understand and address the needs of each project.

  • Constructability Review

Identifying any obstacles in the construction processes from start to finish during the pre-construction phase is where our experienced project managers truly excel. Pointing out any areas where delays could occur, or costs could increase is crucial to address before any construction begins.

  • Project Management

Strong project management is critical to the success of a construction project. Our team of project managers have more 30 years of experience combined and are focused on pro-active communication, a solutions-approach and delivering a high-quality end product.


DC Building Group is currently licensed in eight states across the country with a focus on the Western United States.