T-Mobile opened its 5th Signature Store in Las Vegas. Other cities with T-Mobile’s vibrant store of this magnitude include Chicago, New York, Miami and San Francisco. This spectacular, 2-story space is a full brand experience, offering so much more than just phones. Take a video tour of T-Mobile’s Las Vegas Signature Store here.
The store front is a massive pattern of illuminated, magenta-colored-glass topped with a large LED billboard. The tall, decorative door invites customers inside to enjoy sound-enhanced audio lounges, concierge services, a juice bar, photo booth and larger-than-life digital displays. T-Mobile is the third largest wireless carrier in the United States with  72.6 million consumers purchasing their wireless products and services. With T-Mobile’s naming rights on the arena recently built in Las Vegas, T-Mobile wished to further expand their non-traditional “Un-carrier” branding by opening this particular location on Las Vegas Boulevard.
The scouting ended when developers decided to move in to Showcase Mall, which is centrally located on the middle of The Strip. This incredible space is not just a retail store, but a hyper-sensory experience for customers.
The owners, along with partners, designed a monolithic faux door entry with structural glass to create an open entry that gives the impression that the door is always open and welcomes pedestrians to enter the space.
The custom, steel staircase with glass landings is lit with thousands of programmable LED lights. The phones and merchandise are showcased in custom, faceted, protruding, solid-surface stone panel walls and bright displays throughout the store to maximize mingling and interactivity. The upper level has a juice bar surrounded by booth-type lounge seating and a VR experience. Also, three different areas are DJ-booth-ready for special events.  Visitors are immersed in a brilliant and memorable “magenta” environment where sharing their enjoyment across social media channels is encouraged.

NAIOP Spotlight Trophy

T-Mobile Signature Store Las Vegas is a 2018 NAIOP Spotlight Retail Tenant Improvement Winner and Merit Award Recipient. See NAIOP’s Spotlight Winners and Photo Gallery here.

T-Mobile Signature Store at Showcase Mall on The Strip
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