Experienced estimators can visualize each project and plan for items and unforeseen influences that clients might overlook. They are game changers in ensuring a project fits within the scope and can bring awareness to outliers that may increase costs or project timelines. Their attention to detail and data-driven brains are invaluable to the construction process and are the reason every construction firm should have a team of estimators that solely focus on creating relationships within the trade, understand field operations and get their boots dirty visiting job sites.

Here, at DC Building Group, we’re proud to have a strong team of estimators with a proven track record. Every day they work diligently for our clients with one goal: to ensure we supply the most accurate information possible.

Our professional construction estimators are experts at:

  • Understanding and accurately reading architectural drawings
  • Keeping up-to-date on construction methods, building materials, building codes and industry trends
  • Accurately predicting the cost of materials, material lead times, hourly output of workers, overhead expenses and other associated costs
  • Collecting, classifying and evaluating relevant data
  • Calculating costs with accuracy and precision
  • Preparing accurate estimates

If our clients have questions, our team is there to provide our knowledge and expertise along with straightforward answers and solutions.

Partner with us on your next project.