The number one question our team is asked as a General Contractor before any potential project: What is your approach to job site safety?

In an industry surrounded by potential hazards, General Contractors must put an extra emphasis on the importance of building and maintaining a strong comprehensive safety program that is at the forefront of every worker and visitor who steps foot on any site.

Here, at DC Building Group, safety is ingrained in how we approach every single project, no matter the size. Our comprehensive program was created in collaboration with OSHA and the Nevada Contractors Association because we understand the benefits that come from proper training. In addition to having highly-trained safety management personnel, we employ the services of a third-party safety consultant to conduct inspections and provide feedback to any potential hazards. To date, we’re proud our team has accumulated more than 20 Safe Site Awards and was recognized as the 2013-AGC Safest Contractor of the Year.

Why Safety Matters

  1. Preventing injuries
    • The General Contractor is responsible for worker safety and the condition of the site at all times. Designating time to safety training before any work is started ensures all workers understand the standards expected to prevent any potential injuries.
  2. Maximizing efficiencies
    • Following proper safety practices cuts down on any potential time lost and costs incurred by not instilling proper safety training, keeping projects on time and on budget.
  3. Maintaining safe standards and practices
    • If proper safety training is provided prior to every project many of the common construction hazards can be avoided. Maintaining safe standards and practices reduces overall construction costs.

As the construction industry continues to grow and labor shortage remains an issue, the number of skilled workers is steadily decreasing. This shift in labor dramatically affects the importance of job site safety. Ensuring your General Contractor has a strong, comprehensive safety plan in place is crucial to the project success.

Have questions about job site safety? Contact us, our team is happy to answer any questions.